How can I meet other bloggers and influencers in the area?

In normal times, we organise weekly meetups and other events which are listed on our Facebook page and on this page on the site. You could also join our Facebook group to chat with other bloggers and influencers

How do I get featured on your Instagram account? / Why haven’t you featured me yet?

Here are a few things that I look for:
Are you from Seattle or the greater Washington area? (It’s not a super strict boundary, but if your account looks like you’re based in Florida, then there’s not much point in sharing you with a mostly Seattle based audience!)
Is the post of a person? (Posts with people in the image do better than posts without. I try to avoid images with children in though, because I think that should only be shared by the parent!)
Is it a personal account? (I don’t share business accounts so the account doesn’t look biased towards anyone in particular. I would love to be able to share some amazing local companies though – suggestions on how to do that are very welcome!)
Is the image tagged? (I treat this as permission to share – also it’s the easiest way for me to track what posts are available to share!)

How can I get in contact with you?

You can do that on our contact page!

Who are you?

I’m Hayley – I moved to the Seattle area from the UK in 2017 with my husband. My social circles outside of work back home were with blogging friends, so I wanted to find other bloggers and influencers here but found it difficult to find them. I started meetups, and then created the Instagram page to share others so it would be easy to find your community!

How do you run the Instagram account?

I use Planoly to schedule posts for up to a month or so at a time (depending on how many I get through!)
I go through all of the photos that have tagged the Instagram account in the image and upload the image and the caption, then add a comment, tag the user in the image, and add hashtags for the first comment.
I keep track of who is getting posted on which day in a Google calendar so I can try to put posts on relevant days and make sure that I don’t end up posting the same person three times in one week!

Are there any other useful Seattle related links?

If you’re looking for a place to take photos, then you must check out our Seattle locations map. If you need a photographer to take your photos, head over to our Seattle photographers directory (and if you are a photographer for bloggers/influencers, it’s free to be listed!)
Other useful Facebook groups that we’re in but don’t run:
Seattle Bloggers Unite
Seattle Girl Bosses